Looking out for trendy clothes? Buy them at Aeropostale only at the Red Sea Mall!

People of different ages here prefer to shop for their own clothing from stores that come up with elegant selections. The styles and designs of these clothes are somewhat introduced by designers from all over the world. This is what most of the people today wish to go in for. The latest youth here is now attracted to fashionable as well as elegant looking clothes.

red sea mall

They think it’s the only appropriate way of dressing up in these clothing styles and then roaming around in elegance. This is what youth feel and that is why they prefer to go in for such clothes that are easily available at the Red Sea Mall, a Jeddah mall located in Saudi Arabia. This mall here is considered to be the best point of location when you have to buy clothes that are casual and cool for daily wear.

What type of clothes can you shop here?

As stated, the Red Sea Mall is considered to be a famous tourist spot too when it comes to Jeddah tourism and the reasons for it is the international and local brands selling clothes, electronics, accessories,  watches and much more. But, when it comes to clothes, the best store located there is Aeropostale.

They are also spread across the world with their stores located at United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Greece, Turkey, Mexico,and thePhilippines. The stores provide fashionable wear to both genders including boys and girls and present them some of the elegant wears including shorts, jeans, jackets, shirts,and t-shirts.

At present, Aeropostale is having a sale that offers discounts starting from 25 percent up to 70 percent on all of its elegance options. So, in case you are willing to buy any winter wear such as denim, sweaters, Jackets, Bodysuits,and Hoodies, then this store located at a famous Jeddah Mall called the red sea mall is the ideal location to buy such clothes.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up before the sale ends and rush to the store to buy the clothes of your dreams and avail the discounts before it ends. There are very few days remaining for the sale to end, so make sometime and rush to the venue at the earliest to grab its sales. Happy shopping till then!


A Glance at Tourism in Jeddah!

So, what happens when we think about Saudi Arabia? The first thought that comes to our mind that it is a holy place and not a holiday destination. We look at it as holy only because it is a kingdom that has the two most important cities called Mecca and Medina. And this is where the Muslims go for Hajj. Many of you will be surprised to know that this part of Saudi Arabia is a tourist paradise.

tourism in jeddah

Want to know how then read on further. Apart from being called a spiritual home, Saudi Arabia is also a place that is rich in tourism. We have the capital city called Riyadh which is a masterpiece of the kingdom’s ancient culture and if you wish to find something modern then you definitely have to visit Jeddah. That’s right; this place here is rich in tourism and is also the gateway to Mecca and Medina.

It is termed to be old that is completely made of coral and has the beautiful Red Sea flowing by. For others, it is definitely a place for tourism but for Muslim visitors, it is the home of sacred places. Let us now take a glance about the places that are meant for Tourism in Jeddah.

All available at the same place!

When we talk about Jeddah tourism, the only things that we like to do is to eat, visit, shop and rest. This is what a vacation is complete with. So, I will be discussing some of the best places that you definitely need to visit. In case you are crazy for food, then there are some of the famous food chains available here.If you are foodies, then Jeddah is just meant for you. It has food from different cultures such as Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish, Yemeni, Indian and much more that are you are craving for.

If you want to visit the big food chains, then you have McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos and much more. In case you wish to go in for the local ones then Al Baik is the most famous for its authentic food in chicken and if you are visiting it you certainly need to have Chicken nuggets that will leave you speechless for sure.

The other thing that we love to do when we are on a vacation is shopping. And the best place to do this is the Red Sea Mall. This mall here is considered to give the best shopping experience in Jeddah in case you never had one. I think no visit is complete if you fail to visit this largest shopping mall in Jeddah.

The reason for calling it largest is the area of 242,200 square meters that it carries covered by the largest glass ever used in the whole of Saudi Arabia. It has everything such as a variety of shops, area for kids to enjoy, various eateries, biggest indoor fountain, five-star hotel Elaf Jeddah and much more.

It also has the Danube hyper market which is considered to be a huge chain and a selection of non-food items and international foods that you must have never seen.It is a huge place with some of the famous brands in clothes such as Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Virgin Mega Store, Hugo Boss, Coast, Mother care, Nike, Next and many others that you cannot even ever imagine.

Now, that you are aware how wonderful Tourism in Jeddah can be, find a travel agent today and plan this trip to remember for a lifetime. Jeddah is surely a once in a lifetime holiday destination.