Red Sea Mall – Chill out at various restaurants and Cafes after a tiring shopping day!

Red Sea Mall, one of the most visited places in the city of Jeddah has millions of visitors every month. People not only come for shopping but also to entertain themselves at different restaurants and cafes. So, shopping is not the only factor that attracts the people but it is also food and drinks that pull them here.

best entertainment venue in Jeddah

This curved building here is termed to be the best entertainment venue in Jeddah today which is also a perfect place to shop and then take a break at the world famous restaurants and cafes.  So, take out some time and visit some of these places and grab the dishes to get a taste of various foods and drinks.

Why is it the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia?

The Red Sea Mall is a huge mall that covers a built area of about 242,200 square meters which is definitely going to make you feel tired walking. With so many places to shop and move around, often you feel tired and lethargic. And this is why you will find different eateries on every floor of the mall so that you can take your own sweet time to enjoy and relax till you are completely charged.

At the ground floor, we have many shops such as Reply Mango, T Giswinder, Patchi, A-Rifai, Modo and much more. Whereas on the first floor you will find other international restaurants such as New York Fries, Mc Donald’s, Steak House, Magic Donut, Baskin Robbins and the Indian Restaurant. There are so many eateries that cannot be named and counted as it can occupy the whole writing space.

You will find yourself lucky as you get to taste a combination of various cuisines at just one place and these cuisines are none other than fast food, Indian food, Chinese, Turkish, Sweets and much more. In case you visit the Applebee’s on the first floor near gate 4 then do not forget to have Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad along with Southwest Jalapeño Burger and Beef Bacon Cheeseburger as many have described them to be epic.

Now, let’s jump out at places where you can drink something and relax there too. Drinking a fresh juice or a coffee is enough to recharge yourself to continue with your shopping and visit at this huge mall. Let me name out some few places and the delicacies that they offer. The first on the list is Café Larica which is famous for breakfast delicacies and various drinks.

You will find this café on the ground floor of the mall where you can chill out having toffee muffin along with a cup of coffee. The next on the list is Starbucks which is world famous and located on the ground floor of the mall. Some of the most served and demanded delicacies are Cappuccino triple shot and Double shot Iced shaken white mocha. So, these were some of the places to have some drinks.

All these attributes of shopping, restaurants, and cafes have thus helped Red Sea Mall to become the best entertainment venue in Jeddah today. So, plan your visit soon!


Best Commercial Centers in Jeddah – A Shoppers Paradise

Jeddah located on the coast of the beautiful Red Sea and is well known for its huge and luxurious commercial centers. The city provides a wide range of high-end shopping for all age groups. The city with a population of 4 million plus people and is home to many expats from all over the world. The best commercial Centers in Jeddah are a hub to the most national and International shopping brand and the best destination for family entertainment. The shopping malls here are a major attraction for locals and tourists. If you are on a shopping spree or intend to indulge in binge eating the city wont to let you down. The city provides nearly 90 malls to quench your shopping thirst.

Best commercial centers in jeddah

The commercial centers in the city have something for everyone, may it be a wealthy branded shopping excursion or a high-end day to day retail shopping and probably everything in between. Jeddah has it all, Let us look at some of the top most commercial centers which you should never miss out when lurking around the city.

Mall of Arabia – The largest mall in the city encompassing around 330 shops with popular brands like Giordano, H&M, Zara to name a few and entertainment brands for kids such as Kidzania and Billy Bee. The mall located near the King Abdul Aziz International Airport is the biggest mall in Jeddah and is a perfect place to be with families. The mall also provides one of the best dining experience through its restaurants and cafes along with a buzzing food court serving a wide variety of national and international cuisines.

The mall has qualified staff to assist you with any queries or information and along with other customer services like lost and found assistance, ATM facility, wheelchair assistance also provides free WIFI and kids cart to the mall visitors.

Red Sea Mall – One of the premier commercial center in Jeddah stretches over an area of 242,200 square meters, with an intricate architect the mall has a stunning Elaf Jeddah Hotel attached to it. The mall provides a large parking area of 4000 vehicle and 18 entry and exit gates for easy and safe access. The mall boasts of one of the biggest water fountain and an indoor Red Sea beach for all ages to enjoy. It is home to some popular brands such as Dorothy Perkins, BHS, Burberry, and Givenchy to name a few. Ii is one of the popular places for entertainment in Jeddah where kids can enjoy various joy rides along with In 10, where the little gems can enjoy fun activities like bowling, carting and much more.

The mall provides an extensive range of eating outlets from cafes to restaurants and a food court serving both national and international cuisines. Red Sea Mall is one of the popular destinations for locals as there are always some activities taking place over the weekend for all age groups.

Corniche Commercial Center – Located in Balad, Jeddah the mall is popular hanging out a place for Filipinos. The commercial center has a wide range of small shop selling products such as perfumes, shoe electronics and the best place to buy souvenirs. The center has a Star supermarket selling food and non-food items.

Best Commercial Centers in Jeddah can be termed as a shopping paradise for the entire family especially the fairer sex. If you are a shopping freak and adore shopping malls then the city won’t let you down.