Looking out for trendy clothes? Buy them at Aeropostale only at the Red Sea Mall!

People of different ages here prefer to shop for their own clothing from stores that come up with elegant selections. The styles and designs of these clothes are somewhat introduced by designers from all over the world. This is what most of the people today wish to go in for. The latest youth here is now attracted to fashionable as well as elegant looking clothes.

red sea mall

They think it’s the only appropriate way of dressing up in these clothing styles and then roaming around in elegance. This is what youth feel and that is why they prefer to go in for such clothes that are easily available at the Red Sea Mall, a Jeddah mall located in Saudi Arabia. This mall here is considered to be the best point of location when you have to buy clothes that are casual and cool for daily wear.

What type of clothes can you shop here?

As stated, the Red Sea Mall is considered to be a famous tourist spot too when it comes to Jeddah tourism and the reasons for it is the international and local brands selling clothes, electronics, accessories,  watches and much more. But, when it comes to clothes, the best store located there is Aeropostale.

They are also spread across the world with their stores located at United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Greece, Turkey, Mexico,and thePhilippines. The stores provide fashionable wear to both genders including boys and girls and present them some of the elegant wears including shorts, jeans, jackets, shirts,and t-shirts.

At present, Aeropostale is having a sale that offers discounts starting from 25 percent up to 70 percent on all of its elegance options. So, in case you are willing to buy any winter wear such as denim, sweaters, Jackets, Bodysuits,and Hoodies, then this store located at a famous Jeddah Mall called the red sea mall is the ideal location to buy such clothes.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up before the sale ends and rush to the store to buy the clothes of your dreams and avail the discounts before it ends. There are very few days remaining for the sale to end, so make sometime and rush to the venue at the earliest to grab its sales. Happy shopping till then!


Red Sea Mall – Chill out at various restaurants and Cafes after a tiring shopping day!

Red Sea Mall, one of the most visited places in the city of Jeddah has millions of visitors every month. People not only come for shopping but also to entertain themselves at different restaurants and cafes. So, shopping is not the only factor that attracts the people but it is also food and drinks that pull them here.

best entertainment venue in Jeddah

This curved building here is termed to be the best entertainment venue in Jeddah today which is also a perfect place to shop and then take a break at the world famous restaurants and cafes.  So, take out some time and visit some of these places and grab the dishes to get a taste of various foods and drinks.

Why is it the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia?

The Red Sea Mall is a huge mall that covers a built area of about 242,200 square meters which is definitely going to make you feel tired walking. With so many places to shop and move around, often you feel tired and lethargic. And this is why you will find different eateries on every floor of the mall so that you can take your own sweet time to enjoy and relax till you are completely charged.

At the ground floor, we have many shops such as Reply Mango, T Giswinder, Patchi, A-Rifai, Modo and much more. Whereas on the first floor you will find other international restaurants such as New York Fries, Mc Donald’s, Steak House, Magic Donut, Baskin Robbins and the Indian Restaurant. There are so many eateries that cannot be named and counted as it can occupy the whole writing space.

You will find yourself lucky as you get to taste a combination of various cuisines at just one place and these cuisines are none other than fast food, Indian food, Chinese, Turkish, Sweets and much more. In case you visit the Applebee’s on the first floor near gate 4 then do not forget to have Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad along with Southwest Jalapeño Burger and Beef Bacon Cheeseburger as many have described them to be epic.

Now, let’s jump out at places where you can drink something and relax there too. Drinking a fresh juice or a coffee is enough to recharge yourself to continue with your shopping and visit at this huge mall. Let me name out some few places and the delicacies that they offer. The first on the list is Café Larica which is famous for breakfast delicacies and various drinks.

You will find this café on the ground floor of the mall where you can chill out having toffee muffin along with a cup of coffee. The next on the list is Starbucks which is world famous and located on the ground floor of the mall. Some of the most served and demanded delicacies are Cappuccino triple shot and Double shot Iced shaken white mocha. So, these were some of the places to have some drinks.

All these attributes of shopping, restaurants, and cafes have thus helped Red Sea Mall to become the best entertainment venue in Jeddah today. So, plan your visit soon!

Creating awareness for the Spinal disorder at Red Sea Mall on 16th October 2017!

When we hear the name of Red Sea Mall, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is a huge mall located in Jeddah which is purely meant for shopping and entertainment. But have we ever seen the other part of it where apart from these activities it also organizes various awareness campaigns for people belonging to different age groups?

mall of Arabia Jeddah

Along with being a mall of Arabia in Jeddah, this mall makes sure that it organizes different activities for the people every month. Out of which, this October 2017, it has decided to organize an awareness campaign for “World Spine Day” on 16th October. Every year this event is conducted so that awareness is created about the different spinal disorders and how it can be treated.

More details on this event!

Millions of people across the globe suffer from different spinal disorders which mainly include low back pain, neck pain, and scoliosis and disc diseases. Spinal pain and disabilities both are capable enough to spoil ones overall health and prevent them from working or performing simple daily activities. The body just becomes slow and difficult to bear the pain that it gets in return.

Researches by various doctors and scientists have proved that poor postures and inactivity are completely responsible for developing severe back pains and other spinal issues. As per the reports revealed by WHO (World Health Organization), one in almost four adults are found to be inactive and nearly 80% of the adolescent population is also found to be inactive.

This year the theme for this event is “Your back in Action” and thus major highlights included here is the importance of performing physical activities on a regular basis and improving postures for a good spinal health and injury prevention in the future. So, people reading this should definitely attend this awareness campaign “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE SPINE” at the mall of Arabia, called the Red Sea Mall.

Please do reach the venue at Gate 5 of the mall on 16th October 2017, sharp at 6:00 PM. Also, try encouraging your friends, colleagues, and relatives to attend this major event that will help in increasing awareness for a good spinal health and also motivate them for regular health check-ups.

So, prepare yourselves now and raise this awareness about this deadly disease in your community through different events organized just for us in various schools, clinics, offices and much more. Remember that if you are not treated on time then there are chances of being disabled to perform your regular activities. Take this seriously in your lives and prevent it to remain safe forever!

Red Sea Mall – One of the best places for Tourism in Jeddah!

Jeddah, located on the coast of the Red Sea is considered to be one of the major urban centres of Saudi Arabia. It is also named as the ones having the largest sea port and the second largest city of Saudi Arabia. Holding a population of about 4 million today, this city is also one of the most important commercial hubs of this country.

tourism in jeddah

Tourism in Jeddah has increased with the number of visitors visiting the place every year and the reason behind this is the season of Hajj. With the people coming down every year, this place has now turned out to be a shopping paradise with some of the most renowned shopping malls. Out of the many shop malls, the Red Sea Mall is considered to be the most famous one with lakhs of people visiting it on a daily basis.

Red Sea Mall – The largest shopping mall in Jeddah

Being the largest mall here in Jeddah, this mall just opened a few years back and is given the name after the beautiful Red Sea along Jeddah. It is also anchored by one of the largest chains of stores known as “Danube”. The mall here comprises of three floors which have nearly eighteen entrances, attracting fountains, huge aquariums and 4000 parking spaces on the outer part.

Like the other malls, this one too has a separate area for family amusements along with a food court with some of the popular food chains such as Albaik, Burger King and much more. It is the only one that organizes separate events for the people of all ages including face painting, photo booths and much more. This mall also makes sure that it organizes regular promotional sales and offers during various festivals and occasions.

One of the festivals that’s brings the largest discounts and offers along with it is the festival of Eid. This year too, the mall has organized various discounts and promotional sales out of which Giordano has come up with a unique sale. Giordano is considered to be the global apparel retailer in clothes and also one of the top five clothing brands among the Arab world. It recently celebrated the success of surviving the market and growing successfully in the last 20 years.

Because of this celebration, this store has decided to reward its customers with special offers and gifts. One such outstanding offer is where you can buy two pieces of clothes and get the other two for free. This promotional offer started on August 16th, 2017 and will end on September 16th, 2017. Apart from this, you also get to shop other items such as local art, electronics, jewelry and other groceries.

Along with shopping, you also get a chance to visit various cafes, restaurants and health clubs that come under it. This makes your experience of shopping and having fun to be a memorable one indeed. Looking at the number of shops in it, some of the popular ones among the 370 are Nike, Calvin Klein, Mother Care, Levis, Reebok, Centre point and much more. Being considered as one of the best places among the Tourism in Jeddah, the Red Sea Mall is definitely the perfect place to have fun, entertainment, food and shopping for people of all ages.

Don’t forget to visit Guardino and take advantage of the offer when you do!

Visit Jeddah to get an amazing experience of a wide variety of landmarks

Everyone loves trips and the enjoyment is doubled when the tourist suggests you to have a look at all the famous landmarks of the city. Jeddah is one among those cities where you can find different kinds of landmarks that include spiritual and entertainment. If you are one among those who love to have a look at such historic sites, then you will be amazed at the long list of landmarks in Jeddah. Visit Jeddah to taste a change in the air and get the experience of amazing landmarks of this city.

visit jeddah

The advent of technology is facilitating our life and all thanks to this, today, planning a trip to taste the change in the air is as easy as tasting Indian food in England. If you love to visit different places then Jeddah is like a combo pack for you where you can find a variety of top-notch landmarks as per your taste.

Here is the list of few Jeddah landmarks that you should visit while in Jeddah:

  • King Fahd’s Fountain: Jeddah possesses the world’s tallest fountain which is one of the eye-catching places for all the tourists. Being tallest in the world, this fountain is the best-loved by all fountain lovers and romantic couples. It is worth to spend a beautiful evening with your loved ones near this fountain.
  • Tallest flagpole: If you want to visit a unique place which is something different from the regular taste than the tallest flagpole in Jeddah, which has secured a place in the Guinness book of world records, is one of the most preferred places by all the tourists.
  • The floating Mosque: Have you ever seen a floating mosque? It is amazing to see a monument on few pillars. Isn’t it? You can find the mosque by its official name of as ‘The Floating Rehma Mosque’. Well! Let’s not reveal more about it and encourage you to explore more by visiting there and experience it.
  • Al-Badad: If you are fond of visiting historical places then Jeddah, along with a variety of famous landmark which also possesses a great historical story of its build, then this is the place where you should be. The old structures give a clear image of the history of Jeddah and have been preserved by the Historical Area Preservation department. So just visit here and experience it as it has been preserved by them for you.
  • Mecca Gate: As we all know, Mecca is the birth place of Prophet Muhammad and it is one of the holiest places of Jeddah. The Mecca Gate comes into light when someone starts its journey to visit Mecca. The Mecca Gate is an entrance to Mecca but non-Muslims are not allowed to in this holy place.

The above are various landmarks which are highly preferred by the tourists in Jeddah. This place has a mix of all sorts of landmarks, and you will be surprised to hear the story behind each of these places as they have their own unique story to narrate. That is why Jeddah is one of the amazing places to visit in order to get wide a variety of landmarks at the same place. So, if you are a history lover, then this place is worth visiting.

To visit Jeddah, make your own plan or choose a vacation planner to plan your trip. However, you choose to go, ensure the above places are in your checklist. So, plan your vacation and head on to experience a culturally rich place that never fails to impress its tourists who come from far and wide in search of amazing Jeddah landmarks.

A Glance at Tourism in Jeddah!

So, what happens when we think about Saudi Arabia? The first thought that comes to our mind that it is a holy place and not a holiday destination. We look at it as holy only because it is a kingdom that has the two most important cities called Mecca and Medina. And this is where the Muslims go for Hajj. Many of you will be surprised to know that this part of Saudi Arabia is a tourist paradise.

tourism in jeddah

Want to know how then read on further. Apart from being called a spiritual home, Saudi Arabia is also a place that is rich in tourism. We have the capital city called Riyadh which is a masterpiece of the kingdom’s ancient culture and if you wish to find something modern then you definitely have to visit Jeddah. That’s right; this place here is rich in tourism and is also the gateway to Mecca and Medina.

It is termed to be old that is completely made of coral and has the beautiful Red Sea flowing by. For others, it is definitely a place for tourism but for Muslim visitors, it is the home of sacred places. Let us now take a glance about the places that are meant for Tourism in Jeddah.

All available at the same place!

When we talk about Jeddah tourism, the only things that we like to do is to eat, visit, shop and rest. This is what a vacation is complete with. So, I will be discussing some of the best places that you definitely need to visit. In case you are crazy for food, then there are some of the famous food chains available here.If you are foodies, then Jeddah is just meant for you. It has food from different cultures such as Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish, Yemeni, Indian and much more that are you are craving for.

If you want to visit the big food chains, then you have McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos and much more. In case you wish to go in for the local ones then Al Baik is the most famous for its authentic food in chicken and if you are visiting it you certainly need to have Chicken nuggets that will leave you speechless for sure.

The other thing that we love to do when we are on a vacation is shopping. And the best place to do this is the Red Sea Mall. This mall here is considered to give the best shopping experience in Jeddah in case you never had one. I think no visit is complete if you fail to visit this largest shopping mall in Jeddah.

The reason for calling it largest is the area of 242,200 square meters that it carries covered by the largest glass ever used in the whole of Saudi Arabia. It has everything such as a variety of shops, area for kids to enjoy, various eateries, biggest indoor fountain, five-star hotel Elaf Jeddah and much more.

It also has the Danube hyper market which is considered to be a huge chain and a selection of non-food items and international foods that you must have never seen.It is a huge place with some of the famous brands in clothes such as Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Virgin Mega Store, Hugo Boss, Coast, Mother care, Nike, Next and many others that you cannot even ever imagine.

Now, that you are aware how wonderful Tourism in Jeddah can be, find a travel agent today and plan this trip to remember for a lifetime. Jeddah is surely a once in a lifetime holiday destination.

Shop Till You Drop At Red Sea Mall Jeddah

Nowadays, shopping malls are more than just a place to shop. Along with the shopping options, it is also a place to spend time with your family, to meet friends, to have a meal or two at the food courts or dine-in restaurants. It also allows you to spend a relaxing time at the spa. The Red Sea Mall, Jeddah in the country of Saudi Arabia is one such mall that offers a host of options to its visitors. It is not just a mall but practically a tourist destination. If you are a visitor to Saudi Arabia, this mall is most definitely worth a visit.

mall of Arabia Jeddah

About The Mall

Conveniently located on Malik Road near the King Abdul-Aziz International Airport and the Red Sea Coast, it is the largest mall in the city of Jeddah and promises to make your shopping experience one to remember. The mall is built over a huge area of 242,000 square meters and is beautifully decorated with water fountains and so on. It has both indoor and outdoor parking areas, all of which can be accessed from the 18 entrances to the mall.

Within the mall grounds, you can also find a five-star hotel and a seven-storied office building. The main mall building comprises three floors. It is so large that the mall authorities have provided trams to carry shoppers from one point in the mall to another. To keep kids occupied, while their mothers’ shop, there is a huge activity zone for them offering many games and events specially designed for children.

There is a special feature in the Red Sea Mall of Jeddah, which is of interest to tourists wanting to know about the history of Saudi Arabia and history buffs. The mall has a history section that allows people to walk down heritage lane. This section is decorated with paintings of old-time Saudi Arabia and with local decorations. If you would like to buy a souvenir to remember our time in Saudi Arabia, the shops in this section sell local dresses and other decorative items too.

Mall Hours

The operational hours for the Red Sea Mall are:

  • Saturdays to Wednesdays: 10: 00 AM – 12:00 AM
  • Thursdays: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
  • Fridays: 1:30 PM – 1:00 AM

Some Brands You Can Find In The Mall

If you like to shop from high-end brands like Burberry and Coach, the Red Sea Mall is the mall for you and if not, they also have mainstream brands like Center point and H&M.  HOM and Pottery Barn are some of the furniture brands that the Red Sea Mall has stores of. Gallery 1 is an art gallery, for art enthusiasts to browse and buy. There is even a large supermarket for your grocery needs – the Danube as part of the mall. For dining options, there is a large food court along with dine-in restaurants like Steak House, Pane Caldo, Applebee’s and more.

A Place For Family Time

Saudi Arabia is a country that has a lot of restrictions on women. One of the few activities they can do outside their own homes is to shop. Therefore, a mall becomes an ideal time for a Saudi woman to come to, sometimes with their kids in tow and spend time shopping and dining. It is also a place where the whole family can watch a movie or spend some time together.

The Red Sea Mall, Jeddah is the Mall of Arabia Jeddah – whether you want to shop or dine or spend some time browsing the stores or do the whole shenanigans.